Sons of Italy Prepares Famous Sausage for Italian Festival

Jul 23, 2015 594

They are some of the best cooks in the Ohio Valley and their specialty is Italian sausage. The Bellaire Sons of Italy lodge members have been spending long hours in the kitchen lately and it's all for their delicious sandwiches at the Italian Festival this weekend. Their lodge has hundreds of members, but it's always the same core group that makes the sausage, year after year.

They buy fresh pork, put it through the grinder, season it with secret ingredients, then ease it into sausage casings. On Tuesday they finished their work, and held a luncheon to celebrate. "We make about a ton and a half of sausage," Sons of Italy President Doug Hartlieb says."We have 3 weeks of 3 days each that we put into this endeavor and the volunteers, the guys come out and help us out."

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