Kenosha honors Travanti at annual Columbus Day banquet

Oct 15, 2019 746

BY: Terry Flores

Daniel J. Travanti, best known for his TV portrayal as Capt. Frank Furillo on “Hill Street Blues,” was honored for his accomplishments as an entertainer and for giving back to his community at the annual Columbus Day Banquet. A multiple award-winning actor, Travanti, 79, a Kenosha native, shared personal anecdotes as a young budding performer both on stage and as a Bradford High School football player.

But he also spoke about many topics, including his health, the country’s history, homelessness and immigration as the honored guest at the 95th annual banquet, held Sunday night at the Italian American Club, 2217 52nd St. The presentation was sponsored by the Italian American Society of Kenosha. Travanti said he is grateful for the community that has celebrated him.

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