What a Boxed Columbus Statue Reveals

Jan 28, 2022 429

BY: Hua Xi

One of the most interesting public sculptures in Philadelphia right now is a 22-feet-tall, wooden box in the middle of a public park. The box actually covers a marble statue of Christopher Columbus that has been in place for nearly 150 years. Originally erected in 1876, the monument shows Columbus standing next to a globe showing a map of the Americas, though this actual statue has not been visible to the public for over a year.

The covering of the memorial is the result of an ongoing legal battle between the city, which has been trying to remove the statue, and preservationists who want to keep it in place. A bizarre piece of art unto itself, Philadelphia’s wooden box demonstrates how the injustices of the past are not so easily undone.

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SOURCE: https://hyperallergic.com

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