Sempre Avanti® Donates to Italy’s Most Vulnerable

Aug 10, 2021 286

BY: Donna R. Thompson

Sempre Avanti® has made a donation of $1,100 (USD) to Il Più Gran Bene Possible (PGBP), an association in Rome that supports and provides safe housing for women with children who are faced with serious physiological, economic, and social difficulties and/or have been victims of abuse. Il Più Gran Bene Possible also works in cooperation with the Vatican Hospital for Children “Bambin Gesù” in Rome.

“After learning about this initiative in Rome and meeting with Tiziana Della Serra, PGBP board president,” explains Rosanna Imbriano, founder and executive director of Sempre Avanti, “I was moved to support their mission, which is in line with ours.”

The connection between the two organizations was facilitated by Sempre Avanti partner, Michael Eckstein, a co-founder of Italy Lawyer for Americans and Canadians, and his co-founder, Giampaolo Girardi, an attorney in Rome, who is a PGBP board member.

Il Più Gran Bene Possible houses the women and children for six to 12 months, and sometimes longer as needed, and also assists them in becoming independent. This may include help with administrative issues regarding schools, general public administration documents, medical visits, children’s glasses, and doctor specialists. The organization hosts them for free, and volunteers take care of transporting them to the hospital.

Sempre Avanti, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as a resource center for the Italian and Italian-American community. Its mission is to provide support to all Italians: individuals, businesses, organizations, and associations, both in the United States and Italy. As a resource center, the organization provides a multitude of services and encourages strategic alliances that not only benefit both parties, but also strengthen a shared heritage to move Italians forward. Its executive director and founder is Rosanna Imbriano. For more information, please contact 973-444-2317 or visit

SOURCE: Sempre Avanti

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