Pittsburgh to hold public hearing on the Columbus statue in Schenley Park

Sep 04, 2020 210

BY: Ashley Murray

Pittsburgh’s Art Commission will hold a special hearing this month on the controversial Christopher Columbus statue in Schenley Park before deciding its fate in the coming weeks. Members of the public will be able to join a virtual hearing at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 17 during which they can provide comment, as well as view a presentation on the history and context of the statue, according to a Thursday announcement by the commission.

The statue of the 15th-century Italian explorer and colonizer has been a point of contention for years and was vandalized in 2010, 2017, and this June and July. An online petition calling for the removal of the statue, located on Schenley Drive in Central Oakland, has garnered 14,116 signatures as of Thursday.

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SOURCE: https://www.post-gazette.com

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