Philadelphia Italians file an injunction to stop the removal of the Columbus statue at Marconi Plaza

Aug 13, 2020 471

Attorney George Bochetto filed a motion in the Court of Common Pleas on August 10 in Philadelphia for an injunction to stop the city from removing the statue of Columbus at Marconi Plaza. The cause is to prevent Mayor Kenney from taking down the statue before all parties have a chance to voice their opinions and make their respective cases.

"The City’s Board of License and Inspection Review (“BLIR”), however, is set to permit the Statue’s removal before Plaintiffs’ appeal is heard before it—mooting out Plaintiffs’ appeal rights and preventing full and complete adherence with existing procedures—and before Plaintiffs have any opportunity to seek judicial review."

The Historical Commission's vote to remove the statue was also challenged "...the recommendation of the Historical Commission’s concerning the Christopher Columbus Statue at Marconi Plaza is stayed until Plaintiffs have exhausted all of their rights to administrative and judicial review."

"Since the Historical Commission was not informed of the applicability of the public trust doctrine by the City nor was the Commission presented with the correspondence and donation documents that date back to the late 1800s, its decision to approve the removal of the Statue is invalid and illegal."

SOURCE: Primo Magazine

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