Meet Our Wise Women: Gemma Puglisi

Dec 26, 2015 928


Gemma Puglisi. Author, Media Expert, and Assistant Professor of Communications at American University
Gemma will be honored at our Greater Washington, D.C. Epiphany Celebration on January 14, 2016. Buy tickets here.

WHAT BEING ITALIAN MEANS TO ME. When I think of what my heritage means to me, I immediately think of my parents, Vittorio and Carmela Puglisi. They truly inspired me and were my mentors. They were always encouraging and supportive in all I did–be it academics, music, or community work. I miss them but know they are with me in spirit!

ABOUT GEMMA. Gemma Puglisi is an author, media expert, pundit and assistant professor of communication at American University in Washington, D.C. A first generation Italian-American, she was knighted by the Republic of Italy in 2006 for her work promoting Italian language and culture.

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