Italian-Americans Take Issue With Randolph, N.J. Board Of Education’s Decision To Drop All Holidays From Calendar

Jun 14, 2021 455

There is controversy in a New Jersey town. Randolph Township‘s Board of Education has announced holidays will no longer be marked on school calendars — a decision that has sparked outrage from some members of the public, CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon reported Sunday. “Don’t divide the town and divide our country and pit group against group,” Italian American One Voice Coalition executive board member Andre Dimino said.

Members of the Italian-American community gathered in Randolph on Sunday, speaking out over the BOE’s recent decision to remove the names of all holidays from the school calendar. Instead, they’ll now simply be referred to as “days off.” “It’s really a disgrace. The fact that they removed all holidays is really an insult to everyone,” Dimino said.

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