Talia Shire on her newest, indie drama ‘Working Man’

Jun 24, 2020 270

BY: Priyanka Patel

Talia Shire. Now in the indie “Working Man.” About a factory closing, a husband fired, a marriage tough. Real fairy tale. “The story’s about fighting to keep a factory and a marriage. The real story’s about me quarantined in LA’s Westwood with three dogs.

I’m a mystic so I pray, meditate, read, listen to Bach. My father [composer Carmine Coppola] taught me music helps actors. They listen to the rhythm. I’m Italian-American so I listened to Puccini and Pavarotti for my character to fight to be alive. Freud’s ‘love and work’ is all there is.”

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SOURCE: https://filmyone.com

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