Part 1: Southern Italian Genealogy: Discovering Your Ancestral Records in Italy and in the USA

Mar 01, 2017 1615

When: Saturday, March 25, 2017 From 12:00 pm To 2:00 pm - Where: Italian Cultural Institute, 1023 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Organized by : Lingua Viva & IIC - Entrance : With fee - Two sessions $90 (non-member)/$ 85 (member) *To register please call (310) 824-7408

Millions of Americans identify themselves as having Italian ancestry. If you’re one of them, this workshop might be of interest to you!
It offers a hands-on approach to researching documents relevant to families that emigrated from Southern Italy to the U.S. The two-day workshop provides participants the opportunity to learn valuable research techniques specific to Italian genealogy to enhance their genealogical skills.

The workshop offers novice and intermediate genealogists practical methods of research to utilize immigration records, and government and church documents to establish travel patterns, hometowns, and personal records. No knowledge of Italian is needed. Bill Cellini, Jr. has 25 years of experience working with, translating, and interpreting Italian genealogical vital records in the United States and in Italy.


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