Old World family tradition (we’re talking an authentic Italian tomato sauce) rekindled in Pasadena

Dec 10, 2018 659

Call it the Great Bruno Family Tomato Escapade. Victor and Kathy Bruno of Pasadena found an old DVD showing a home movie shot in the 1980s of Victor and his family making tomato sauce. The snippet got their six children asking one question: “How do we make this sauce?”

But the story really begins with the eldest Victor Bruno, an enterprising young man from Bari, Italy, who came to California in 1920. “He would work for a few years at a time and then go home to Italy,” daughter-in-law Kathy Bruno said. “When he decided to finally settle in America, he went back to Italy to find a wife and brought Vita (Clairizio) back with him in 1934.”

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SOURCE: https://www.sgvtribune.com

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