IAMLA presents Italianità: Italian Diaspora Artists Examine Identity

May 04, 2018 361

BY: Silvia Giudici

The Italianità: Italian Diaspora Artists Examine Identity exhibition will be opening Sunday May 5th at the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles (IAMLA). The exhibit will focus on the Italian diaspora, which is the dispersion of people to a new country. In the arts, the term gains a deeper meaning as it refers to artists who have migrated from one part of the world to another, or whose ancestors did, and whose diverse experiences influenced their work. In this specific case, the exhibit explores themes such as dual identity, memory, folklore, faith, dislocation, and migration.

The featured artwork of more than 20 artists at IAMLA captures the idea of a new-found identity and culture, as well as the overall experience of migrants and their descendants. These artists create alternative narratives and challenge the structures of the established art world.

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SOURCE: http://www.italoamericano.org/

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