Think Italian food is just pizza and pasta? Think again

Sep 13, 2017 430

We only think so because most Italian restaurants catering to tourists tend to stick to familiar, safe dishes. I often ask friends about their favourite cuisine, and it’s surprising how many of them immediately answer: “Italian.” I, too, am very partial to good Italian food, and often gravitate towards an Italian restaurant in a town where I’m not familiar with the foodie scene. For a relatively small country, the variety of recipes and styles is amazing.

From one town to the next, and from one valley to the next, there is a different spin on even very familiar dishes like Bolognese sauce and pasta Carbonara. Millions around the world assume that Italian food is all about pizza and pasta, and stay stuck in this much-trodden culinary rut. And it’s true that most Italian restaurants catering to tourists in their own country, or to diners abroad, tend to stick to safe dishes familiar to the foreign palate.

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