A smartphone app fights fake “Made in Italy”

Sep 13, 2017 475

Made in Italy is not just a label that indicates the country of origin, Made in Italy has became a brand. And as it happens with other popular brands, it often suffers from numerous imitations and falsifications. That is the question lots of people ask themselves every single day all over the world.  And the “victims” of the falsifications are not only the famous Italian cheeses and wines, but also various clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, design accessories and many other items.

An Italian non-profit organization Reliabitaly has found a solution to the problem of the fake “Made in Italy” products: with their new app “Reliability” each consumer can find out with just a couple of clicks, either this or that product is actually Italian or just an imitation.

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SOURCE: http://www.italiangoodnews.com

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