The real Italian gelato is breaking records in the USA

Jul 11, 2017 1467

Wherever in the world you go you can see the brand of Made in Italy: the shops and the street advertising in the central streets of the biggest world’s cities promote and admire the Italian refined taste. They say, fashion is the queen. If it is, the kind is with no doubt the food! Stefano Versace, an Italian entrepreneur that has actually based his business on the world’s passion for the Italian culture and food. Despite the name, he has nothing to do with the famous stylist, but definitely knows everything about the real Italian gelato.

In 4 years Stefano has opened 21 gelato bars in Florida, their number is going to reach 30 italian gelato shops until the end of this year. Gelateria Versace, traditional places serving real Italian gelato are opening in Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey and Virginia. And what is the key to success? “Our unique selling proposition is the pure Italian taste which guarantees the highest quality.” – Says Stefano Versace – “Italian gelato remains actually the only food strongly associated to Italy as pizza and coffee are perceived as international products in America. Besides, “gelato” is not at all the translation for “ice-cream”.

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