At Piedigrotta Bakery, a new generation takes over

Apr 28, 2017 658

BY: Christina Tkacik

Jean Leisher has until the end of March to learn how to make tiramisu from the man who may have invented it. She’d never cooked professionally until this year. But today, she’s working in the kitchen of Piedigrotta, an Italian bakery bordering Little Italy. Her teachers are Antonio and Bruna Iannaccone, who have owned the shop since 2002, but are now preparing to retire.

They’ve sold the entire shop, including the name, to Leischer, her husband Jerry and another business partner, and have agreed to stay in the shop until March 31 to teach Leisher how to make all the food. “It’s more been like a family transition moreso than like a business sort of arrangement, which is why they agreed to stay on and help us,” Leisher said.

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