The Lure of Italy: Artists' Views

Apr 19, 2017 309

When: DA Tuesday, May 09, 2017 a Sunday, July 30, 2017 - Organized by : J. Paul Getty Museum - Entrance : Free - For more information, please visit 

From the crumbling ruins of ancient Rome to the crystal clear light of Venice, Italy has fascinated travelers and artists for centuries. Painters and draftsmen have found inspiration not only in the cities but also in the countryside and in the deep history and culture. Visiting from France, England, the Netherlands, and Germany, artists drew sketches to preserve vivid memories, creating works of extraordinary atmosphere and beauty. Their Italian counterparts responded to the tourist demand for souvenirs by crafting their own masterpieces. Featuring works from the Getty Museum’s collection by R. P. Bonington, Claude Lorrain, Giovanni Battista Lusieri, and Canaletto, this exhibition captures the essence and spirit of Italy.


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