Explore The Polenta Bar, A Novel Italian Fast-Casual Concept In West Loop

Feb 23, 2017 940

BY: Ashok Selvam

The Polenta Bar takes the assembly-line/fast-casual concept and spins it with a fresh Northern Italian twist. The polenta-focused restaurant opens on Thursday at 1002 W. Lake St. It’s a novel idea that looks like a unique meal option in the West Loop, which is slated to be open for lunch and dinner.

Ownership touts their polenta machines that are imported from Lombardia, Italy. The proper machines offer automated stirring for the cornmeal so the polenta comes out perfect. The polenta serves as the base, as diners then pick from eight sauces. The selections include a classic pomodoro and the house specialty (salsa della casa)—a vegetarian sauce with mushrooms. There’s also a spicy diavola made with Milanese sausage. A rotating selection of veggies complete the dishes.

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SOURCE: http://chicago.eater.com

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