Eataly Boston's new restaurant, 'Terra' to bring cooking by fire to Prudential Center

Mar 17, 2017 516

BY: Ellanje Ferguson

Eataly Boston is opening the doors to its highly anticipated Prudential Center restaurant, "Terra" to customers on Tuesday, April 4. Terra, which means "earth" in Italian will be a full-service restaurant featuring a wood-burning Italian grill while bringing elements of earth and fire in a variety of sharable plates, wine and herb-infused cocktails. 

"With Terra, we are going back to the very essential, to primordial cooking. We want to rekindle that very fundamental connection with Mother Earth that somehow we lost along the way, and cooking by fire - letting the very simple flavors of great raw ingredients, American or Italian, shine through - does exactly that. For a long time, mankind forgot about fire. It's time to put it back in the middle of the stage," explained Nicola Farinetti, CEO of Eataly USA in a statement.

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