Cookbook Review: Artisanal Burger, 50 Italian Twists on an All-American Favorite

Apr 18, 2017 301

BY: Brian O’Rourke

Americans write books about pizza. I’m not sure how much that irritates Italians. But Italians writing a hamburger book? Oh, dear, the world turned upside down. Please, remain calm. Do not get upset. Instead, rise, get the car keys or head to your computer because you want this book. If you love burgers, you are going to worship this one.

My favorite Italian word is “perfecto.” Why? It begins with that “purr” sound that is pure comfort. And then the “oh” and the end can short and clipped or dangle a bit or be long drawn out. If something is really excellent, then the “oh” becomes “ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” And that is the description for Artisanal Burger.

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