Chef Luigi Diotaiuti Named Ambassador of Basilicata, Italy’s Cuisine in the World

Apr 16, 2017 444

Chef Luigi Diotaiuti was named culinary “Ambassador” for representing the cuisine of his home region at the Basilicata Food & Wine Festival in Matera, Italy. Chef Luigi Diotaiuti, owner of Washington, DC's Al Tiramisu and Aperto was honored with the title of being an Ambassador of Basilicata’s Cuisine in the World.

The honor was presented by the President of The Federation of Italian Cooks, Rocco Cristiano Pozzulo to Chef Luigi with the goal of spreading the culinary and agricultural traditions of the ancient Lucanian territory to the world, at the national and international levels. The presentation was made to Chef Luigi within the company of his peers, the Italian Federation of Cooks, The Regional Union of Lucanian (from Basilicata) Cooks and the Agricultural Department of the Region of Basilicata.

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