Buy This: Italian products you can find in Atlanta

Mar 20, 2017 604

BY: C. W. Cameron

Chefs love the distinctive flavor of Calabrian peppers, small hot Italian cherry peppers that usually come to us in the States packed jars of olive oil and preserved with a little salt. Tuscany at Your Table in Virginia-Highland offers prepared Italian foods like Tuscan Soup, panini and Orecchiette with Broccolini.

But their shelves are also stocked with a wide range of Italian pastas, olive oils, wine and artisan foods like these little jars of Artibel Calabrian Peppers. Terry Koval of The Wrecking Bar uses Calabrian peppers in his Shrimp Sausage and just in time for spring, check out Adrian Villarreal’s recipe for Grilled Green Garlic with Calabrian Chilis. $12.50 per 7-ounce jar or in bulk from the deli counter.

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