After 12 months in the making Italian Wine Podcast is finally launched

Mar 16, 2017 457

Italian Wine Podcast: Cin Cin with Italian Wine People, the podcasting project which showcases the unique Italian wine-making tradition in conversation with some of its key protagonists, was finally launched this week with the publication of the first of 13 series of interview carried out during OperaWine 2016. Wine writer Monty Waldin interviewed 13 Italian wine producers and chatted about fine wines, life on the vineyard, and more. These interviews are available to listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Facebook

In the interviews on Italian Wine Podcast, Monty Waldin unearths wine-making traditions, family and personal histories of renowned producers of Italian wine. The episodes take listeners on a journey across Italy and its finest wine traditions. Monty's guests discuss the art of wine-making between tradition and modernity, sustainability and landscape conservation. These ‘Italian Wine People' offer curious anecdotes about their families, their favorite wines and recipes, and what wine making means for them.

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