Sicily, Sardinia and Elba: the great Italian islands

Jun 18, 2018 281

Generally, the most visited tourist destinations in the world are famous for their magnificent and historically important cities. Instead, the sea coast is somewhat neglected as something purely recreational, but this prejudice is completely unjustified. Indeed, Italy is home to some of the most beautiful islands of the entire globe. Therefore, we chose to take you to the three largest ones, three natural jewels that you certainly need to visit if you love the sun and the sea, but also history, architecture, culture and good entertainment.

Isola d’Elba

Crystal clear water all around the perimeter, an impressive granite massif in the west, majestic olive groves inland, and idyllic beaches in the east. Nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and sunbathing addicted will find their paradise in Elba, the island with the shape of a whale. Those who are still thinking about where to spend their summer holidays, will find quiet places, small bays and hidden paths throughout its traditional, typical Mediterranean villages.

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