"You're Sending Me Where?: Dispatches from Summer Camp"

Aug 06, 2017 474

"You're Sending Me Where?: Dispatches from Summer Camp". Author Eric Dregni (University of Minnesota Press, 2017) will present his latest book, October 5th at 6PM - Italian Cultural Institute - 500 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 1450

Summer camp is wild, but what happens when you add Italians to the mix? Welcome! Benvenuti? It’s summertime in northern Minnesota and a bus full of kids is about arrive at the Concordia Italian Language Village, better known as: camp. Inexplicably the chief lifeguard has chosen this moment to conduct a “missing villager drill,”prompting staff to strip to their underwear in a simulated rush to search the lake. It’s an inopportune time for a surprise visit from the Health Inspector, but there he is—just as an Italian counselor calls through the walkie-talkie, “My God, there’s blood everywhere!” He’s finally clobbered the chipmunk that’s been stealing his candy.

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SOURCE: http://www.iicchicago.esteri.it

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