Why Arezzo should be the next town you visit in Tuscany

Aug 06, 2018 200

BY: Clare Speak

Often ignored in favour of more famous Tuscan towns, Arezzo has everything from designer shopping to medieval jousting tournaments. Here are nine reasons you should visit Arezzo on your next trip to Tuscany.

1. Renaissance art - Most visitors to Arezzo are drawn here by the famous fresco depicting The Legend of the True Cross by Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca. The fresco cycle, dating from 1466, tells the story of how wood from the Garden of Eden became the cross on which Jesus died. It's considered an early Renaissance masterpiece. Find it in the Cappella Maggiore in the Basilica di San Francesco, one of many stunning churches in Arezzo’s historic centre.

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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it

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