Who cares if they’re ugly, they’re delicious! I Brutti ma Buoni

Sep 12, 2018 173

BY: Toni Brancatisano

The word biscotti in Italy refers to what Americans know as “cookies.”  Many Italo-Americans use the word biscotti when they refer to a specific type of cookie, that is, those finger long cookies with almonds. These are known as Cantuccini or Cantucci in Florence and Tozzetti in Rome. Some may say the recipe is different for both, but for argument’s sake I will say they are the same, and for the rest of this article please know when I use the word biscotti, I am referring to cookies in general.  

A biscottificio in Italy refers to a cookie shop, and usually all the cookies they sell are made on the premises.  Many bakeries though, as well as selling bread, also sell a variety of biscotti. If you come across a specialty store selling just biscotti – a biscottificio – I strongly suggest you go in and buy a variety. You will probably be surprised how inexpensive they are, too. 

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SOURCE: https://www.italoamericano.org/

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