What’s a Celebratory Restaurant That Feels like Old School New York?

Oct 10, 2017 412

BY: Robert Sietsema

Dear LFHD,

Though I immediately thought of Katz’s Deli or the snaking lunch counter at Grand Central’s Oyster Bar, where the era is right and the food is excellent, I rejected those because they didn’t seem quite celebratory enough for a birthday party. Since your question doesn’t specify a neighborhood or price range, this allowed me to roam freely over the city’s ample supply of retro restaurants.

I think the best place for you and your mom is Bamonte’s. This venerable southern Italian restaurant in Williamsburg was founded over a century ago, but the decor definitely says 50s — and the crowd will make it feel old-school, too. You’ll still see old-timers with impressive hairdos and priests with clerical collars among the guests. The dining room is lined with oil paintings and Roman sculptures, and the tables are big and comfortable. The service is attentive and old-fashioned.

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SOURCE: https://ny.eater.com/

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