Weekend-worthy pizza at Filippo’s in Mahomet

Jul 13, 2018 174

BY: Rachael McMillan

Although we are lucky to have an abundant variety of dining choices in C-U, my quest to find a pizza that reminds me of the ones back home (the Kankakee area, a 90-minute drive north) has been ongoing since I moved to Champaign 19 years ago. Prime Time was the closest, in my opinion, but, sadly, they closed shop several years ago.

The kind of pizza I’m talking about is thin-but-not-too-thin, with a slightly chewy crust which enables it to sustain chunky toppings and a gracious layer of cheese. I award bonus points for a sprinkle of Italian seasoning across the top before baking, but it must be cut into squares. This makes it easier for a person to grab one more piece, usually several times over, before calling it a night. It's not too fancy for a post-softball game meal, but tastes best (in my opinion) on a weekend evening with a glass of good red wine. 

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