Viva la Pappa al Pomodoro!

Aug 03, 2018 255


I knew I had become truly Italian once I had mastered shopping for food on a daily basis (every morning) as opposed to a large once-weekly supermarket shop. Food shopping Italian style means encompassing the fundamentals of an Italian diet, which is buying food that one needs for that day (maybe two because there will be leftovers), and buying only what is fresh and “in season.” Respecting a seasonal kitchen is the basis to following the so called healthy Mediterranean diet.

One of the things I love is how this concept also helps in reducing food waste. I buy my bread every morning at my local bakery for example, but I only buy what I need for that day. That means that it isn't obligatory to buy an entire loaf of bread, I can point out the bread I want, and then just indicate the quantity I need. Perhaps you prefer the crusty heel end, or perhaps you prefer the softer, middle part of the loaf.  Whatever you choose, your bread will be weighed and, like so many food items bought in Italy, you will pay by weight.

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