Vince Fumo’s Son Is Running for Office in Philly (and Producing a Play!)

Apr 16, 2018 203


Some South Philadelphia voters might see a familiar name on their primary ballots next month: Vincent Fumo. No, it’s not the once-unstoppable, once-incarcerated former state senator (who’s busy working on self-publishing his new book). It’s his 49-year-old son, Vincent E. Fumo II, the software engineer and theater aficionado who’s now an aspiring politician.

Fumo is running for the city’s most entry-level political office: committee person. If you have no clue what a committee person does, here’s a quick explainer (via the nonprofit Committee of Seventy): Philadelphia is divided into 1,687 voting divisions (also called called “precincts”). Divisions are the city’s smallest political unit. Each of them contains somewhere between 100 and 1,200 voters, and where you vote depends on which division you live in.


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