Tony Gemignani’s New Retail Store Has Fresh Pasta, Focaccia, and Detroit Pizza Pans

Dec 04, 2017 488

BY: Caleb Pershan

Fans of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana can now have chef Tony Gemignani’s fresh Italian food at home, and not just by ordering takeout. His retail store, Giovanni Italian Specialties, in North Beach now sells fresh pasta, sauces, focaccia, and specialty cooking implements. The store, named for the chef’s three-year-old son, recently celebrated its grand opening, not a moment too soon for holiday shopping and Italian feast-creating.

So far, the biggest customer for Giovanni’s is Gemignani himself. He’s moved all pasta production from his restaurants to the shop, which makes about 150 pounds of pasta per day with three extruders going “pretty much on round the clock, 7 days a week, 8 hours a day.” 

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