Shaw’s Newest Italian Restaurant Honors Tosca’s Influential Rabbit Ragu

Jun 23, 2018 199

BY: Warren Rojas

Tosca chef turned restaurateur Massimo Fabbri is bridging past and present at newcomer San Lorenzo by serving a pasta synonymous with the power dining crowd. The menu for the new Shaw restaurant, scheduled to open on Monday, June 25, features a pappardelle billed as a “Tosca-style rabbit ragu” flavored by white wine, herbs, and olive oil.

Nearly a decade ago, the Washington Post reported how lobbyists in D.C. decided the fate of the rest of the world at the Penn Quarter restaurant “over carrot-flavored pappardelle with a rabbit ragu in a white wine sauce and fresh thyme” in a piece titled “Lunch at the ‘Power Section.’’ It remains to be seen whether this latest iteration is a carbon copy of said dish or a loving tribute. But patrons should expect to encounter some type of broad noodle with a rabbit sauce.

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