Seven Hills brings handmade pasta to Melrose

May 18, 2018 289

BY: Conor Powers-Smith

If there’s anything Carol and Giulio Caperchi love more than each other, it’s a great meal. So it was inevitable that when the couple took the plunge into entrepreneurship and opened their own business, it would revolve around crafting delicious food. The result, Seven Hills Pasta, has shown up in more and more Melrose stores and restaurants since the pair opened up shop at 1 Hurd St., and its owner have even bigger plans for the future.

“Carol and I have always been very interested in the food scene and sustainable food,” said Giulio, whose background suited the couple to certain segments of the industry. “I grew up making pasta every Sunday with my grandma. My grandma had a little plot of land near a little village just outside of Rome. So we grew up always gardening.”

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