Proposal for a public screening of Americans in Italian movies

Jul 14, 2017 828

BY: Luca Martera

Dear Italian American friends, I am Luca Martera and I’m an Italian media professional. I go back and forth between the US and Italy (Rome and Milan), and have done so since 2010. I make documentaries and TV specials on behalf of Italian TV networks involving lifestyles and current affairs tied to the history between the two countries (The Italian pioneers in the US, Fiorello La Guardia).

I developed a live documentary on how Italian cinema portrayed the US people from the Silent Age to now. It's a sort of hybrid between a stand up comedy show and an academic dissertation. I'll tell funny anecdotes about cultural differences between Italians and Americans, taking inspiration from Italian films. So, I’m writing to you because I would like to show your locals. I hope you might be interested in setting up this event for your community.

Here are the links to learn more about my show: 



If you would like to have more details, send me a message on my Facebook page. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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