Pizzeria Bianco Is Best Italian Restaurant In Arizona: Ranking

Feb 12, 2018 531

BY: Beth Dalbey

For discerning diners who turn up their noses when they hear someone talk about going out for "eye-talian" food, The Daily Meal has come up with a definitive list of the best Italian restaurants in every state. In Phoenix, Bronx native Chris Bianco brings an authentic Sicilian pizza to the menu at Pizzeria Bianco. Italy's rich cuisine culture goes back centuries and includes pastas, breads and food preparation techniques that vary by regions, reflecting cultural traditions that evolved based on the availability of local foods.

For example, Tuscany is known as the land of bean eaters, so you'll find lots of foods rich in cannellini beans in the region's famous cuisine. Polenta is big in Milan; chefs in Rome find delicious ways to serve pasta, bruschetta, artichokes and zucchini; and on the island of Sicily, look for the region's famous meatballs — called polpette — topped with a spicy, aromatic tomato sauce.

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SOURCE: https://patch.com

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