Pittsfield School Committee stands by decision to rename Columbus Day

Jul 12, 2018 255

BY: Amanda Drane

The School Committee navigated through turbulence Wednesday before deciding that it wouldn't reinstate Columbus Day in the school calendar. Dozens of Italian-American residents pushed committee members to change their minds — "It has divided Pittsfield," Ward 2 Councilor Kevin Morandi told them — but members of the School Committee said their duty is more to the children of Pittsfield Public Schools than to an opinionated public.

They said Christopher Columbus would retain his place in history courses but they couldn't, in good conscience, ask city children to celebrate him with a holiday. "I want to be someone who corrects the record," said Mayor Linda Tyer, a member of the School Committee. "I can't perpetuate a myth that has been debunked."

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SOURCE: https://www.berkshireeagle.com

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