OSIA President Vira Girolami

Feb 12, 2018 511

Honoring tradition while staying open to unprecedented change is one very tough balancing act. It takes a strong, sure-handed leader to make it work. Enter Vira Girolami, who became national president of the recently renamed Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America in August after serving for more than a decade in other executive roles. By the way, she’s only the second female president in the 112-year history of the organization, which added “Daughters” to its moniker when she was installed.

For Girolami, breaking gender barriers represents a way of life that dates back to her teens. Within OSIA, she has taken a patient path, leading local and state lodges and holding several vice presidential posts on the way to the top. If Girolami seeks opportunity, it’s unquestionably the opportunity to serve. This dates to her childhood, as this shoemaker’s daughter learned by watching two generous, grateful Italian immigrant parents in action. Girolami shares with Lou&A what an illustrious lifetime of leadership through service looks like.

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