Oriana Fallaci. An Italian woman, a controvert journalist

Nov 08, 2018 389

Proud, dignified, charismatic, pragmatic: the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, who passed away in 2006, was this and much more. A successful writer and renowned journalist, from a cultural point of view she was one of the most prominent women figures. Active feminist, famous for her love/ hate relationship with the dear departed, Pier Paolo Pasolini, the renowned writer to whom Oriana dedicated a poignant letter after his death, full of meaning, raw and true in every part, a feature that we find in every piece of Fallaci’s writing. The artist, a native of Florence, spent most of her life in New York, where she carried out her profession.

Her journalistic career was characterized by a rebellious and nonconformist streak, which led her to make fiery interviews with some of the most powerful people on earth, regardless of defending their principles and their ethics even at the cost of being urgent or inopportune. Famous in this regard was the interview with the theocratic leader Ayatollah Khomeini, not at all soft towards women and not inclined to acknowledge their due rights, with whom Fallaci, as a true hardy feminist, clashed harshly.

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