Old Papa Manteo Sicilian Marionette Tradition at Hofstra Italian Festival

Sep 11, 2017 433

BY: Josephine A. Maietta

Please join The Association of Italian American Educators to celebrate the Italian Festival at Hofstra University on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at Hofstra South Campus from 11-5 pm.

Tony DeNonno, Award-winning TV Producer-Writer-Director, will present the “Celebrating New York’s Century-Old Papa Manteo Sicilian Marionette Tradition." From the beginning to end of his “Opera dei Pupi” presentation, with an authentic, hand-carved “Orlando Furioso” in hand, he invites and engages everyone of all ages to share their thoughts, knowledge, insights and ideas as this exciting 1,500 year-old Italian and Sicilian journey unfolds before your eyes. 

In the morning 8-10:30 am, join us for our Fifth Annual AIAE Breakfast Meeting. Registration is needed for the breakfast. See details both for the Breakfast and for the Festival below.
See you one and all! Buon divertimento!

SOURCE: Italian American Educators

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