Northampton Judge Giordano returning to private practice: 'I’ve always been adventurous'

Apr 04, 2018 263

BY: Riley Yates

Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano remembers how the grieving mother’s words just kept spilling out. It was at a sentencing for a murder nearly a decade ago, and the woman’s heartbreak was palpable in the courtroom. She spoke, Giordano estimated, for more than an hour as she tried to describe the pain that the loss of her daughter had caused her.

“I didn’t stop her, and people asked me why I didn’t stop her,” Giordano recalled. “I couldn’t stop her. I would have allowed her to speak for days if she wanted to.” In the end, Giordano was among those who were fighting tears. In 14 years on the bench, that’s the kind of judge Giordano was, one who wore his heart on his sleeve far more than many of his colleagues.

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