Murano brings modern Italian to downtown Cleveland (photos)

Aug 03, 2018 278

Mere weeks ago, Murano quietly opened its doors in downtown Cleveland. The understated arrival only seems appropriate for a gem tucked away near Tea House Noodles at 1852 East 6th St. in the former home of Porcellis. With a crisp, polished décor and amenities like conference rooms and spaces to plug in laptops, Murano is looking to lure area workers and travelers with its laidback sophistication.

But the goal was to be cozy and creative enough to bring in locals with a rotating menu, cocktail specials and wine recommended by knowledgeable staff. Most of Murano's founding team met through years of working in the service industry downtown. Free from chains and corporate settings, they get to etch out a restaurant that's uniquely their own. Chef C. Wyatt Grace knew the focus would be Italian, says manager Jessica Cooper.


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