Montegrappa Honors Italian Watchmaker With Limited Edition Pen

Aug 03, 2018 175

BY: Nancy Olson

If you’ve ever been to Venice, you’ve seen some of his magnificent work: the clock tower at Piazza San Marco, which he was charged with reconstructing in the mid 18th century. A few years later he added the nativity scene and the three kings automata to the tower, which hordes of tourists view and enjoy each year. I’m referring to accomplished watchmaker and engineer Bartolomeo Ferracina (1692-1777), who hailed from Solagna, Italy, and whose name, sadly, is little known among mainstream timepiece aficionados.

But Montegrappa CEO Giuseppe Aquila set about to change all that when he created the limited edition Bartolomeo Ferracina fountain pen, which combines the best characteristics of a Montegrappa writing instrument with the additional feature of a watch in its crown. Bassano del Grappa, the city where Montegrappa is headquartered, is home to one of Bartolomeo’s clocks: the civic tower in Garibaldi Square, a dramatic edifice near the center of the city, includes one of his timepieces. His work is seen elsewhere throughout northern Italy.

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