M’O Il Gelato – Authentic gelateria

Dec 04, 2017 435

I love Mulberry Street. My great-grandfather was born there in 1916, back when it was truly an Italian-speaking neighborhood. Most of the Italians have since moved up and out to Long Island or New Jersey, but there are still plenty of spots where you can step out of Little Italy and into the old country, and M’O Il Gelato is one of them.

Finding gelato in New York – real gelato that is rich and creamy, the way it’s made in Italy – is hard to find. Marco Vighi, a pastry chef who has spent years making artisanal gelato, spends his time perfecting and developing new flavors back in Italy, and flies back and forth to New York several times a year to introduce them. 

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SOURCE: http://www.spottedbylocals.com

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