Meet an Italian winery that makes $20 stunners

Feb 12, 2018 441

BY: Dave McIntyre

Every now and then, I encounter a winery that excels with so many wines I don’t know where to start in telling people about them. So consider this a blanket recommendation for Fratelli Rabino, a winery in Italy’s Piemonte region, just a few miles west of Alba. That’s the home of white truffles and Barolo, two luxury-priced items, but the Rabino family has found a sweet spot where they can produce outstanding wines at moderate prices.

They are not trying to be among the “kings” of Italian wine, just to make delicious vino — and they nail it. They are worth seeking out. I include two here, plus a fascinating skin-fermented Gewürztraminer from Oregon, a tasty New York Riesling and a flowery Viognier from Argentina.

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