The Mamuthones: traditions of Sardinia

Nov 07, 2018 289


Carnival in Sardinia (Carrasegare) is one of the most evocative and most popular events to take place on the island. Suspended between land and sea, the Sardinian land reflects its duality even in the masks that populate the Sardinian Carnival, existing in the limbo between nightmare and fantasy, between superstition and sacredness. Among these we find the Mamuthones. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of this traditional mask of the Sardinian carnival explaining in detail what it consists of, describing its origin and its meaning.

The Mamuthones are a traditional mask of the Sardinian carnival. Their popularity is due to the involvement in a suggestive and ancient ritual practiced in Mamoiada, a small Sardinian city located 15 kilometers away from Nuoro where they parade together with Issohadores. During the folklore event, the Mamuthones perform in all their catalytic force hypnotizing the public by dancing rhythmically in groups of twelve, clashing with the disorderly gait of the Issohadores. These traditional celebrations attract the curiosity of people from all over the world.

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