Macellaio, New to Bishop Arts, is the Perfect Neighborhood Restaurant

Sep 12, 2018 207


Perhaps the biggest myth about the Dallas dining scene is that it has no great Italian food. This is not a lie outsiders spread about us; it’s something we tell ourselves. I have heard it from friends and seen the complaint on social media. As recently as 2016, former Dallas Morning News food critic Leslie Brenner called Dallas “a town that has a serious short of good Italian places” (sic).

But if that complaint was ever true, it’s certainly false now. Nonna and Lucia serve outstanding, highly seasonal and personal Italian fare. Jimmy’s Food Store and CiboDivino provide hubs for shopping, snacking and wine-sipping. We enjoy a bounty of Neapolitan, Roman and New York-style pizza joints, and the past year has brought a sudden burst of new upscale Italian joints from Frisco to Oak Lawn.

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