A look at the oldest and most famous Italian universities

Sep 13, 2018 450


Italian universities stand out in the world for their reliability and competitiveness and still today play a fundamental role. Some of those currently still in activity are the oldest and most renowned universities in Italy that have an important and prestigious history. Italian Traditions will lead you on the discovery of these ancient institutions. We will also analyze three educational institutions still present in our country which are particularly distinguished.

Some Italian universities have an ancient history and have preserved their prestige intact. Some of the characters that have been fundamental to the history and art of our country once studied in these places. One of the most important is that of Parma, which was the first established in 962. Initially it was a law school to train notaries under concession. Very important today is also that of Padua established in 1222. This is one of the few institutions of the medieval period still active.

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SOURCE: https://www.italian-traditions.com

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