Local Italian restaurant, Salute, has a storied past

Aug 07, 2017 293

BY: Evan Casey

To this day, Ida Alia still remembers the moment she saw the Statue of Liberty from the New York Harbor while coming to America from Italy in 1960. Alia and her family of nine spent a total of 10 days on a boat coming to America. They came looking for better opportunities.

“When I saw the Statue of Liberty from that boat I became so excited because I knew we had finally made it,” said Alia. Moving to Kenosha, the DeBartolo family often made their favorite Italian cuisine from scratch for friends and family. The DeBartolo sisters would help their mother make homemade lasagna, meatballs, ravioli and gnocchi all while harvesting ingredients from their backyard garden.

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SOURCE: http://journaltimes.com

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