Local Italian Americans honor two doctors for expertise, compassion and trust

Oct 10, 2017 394

Two brothers and longtime doctors in Kenosha were hailed Sunday as pillars of the community. Dr. Alfred John Capelli, a family physician, and Dr. Paul A. Capelli, a retired obstetrician, were honored by the Italian American Society at its 93rd annual Columbus Day Banquet.

Steven R. Torcaso, the group’s president, called the brothers “two distinct” pillars of the community who “grew to their respected practices that are fostered by compassion and humility,” “We respond to warmth, caring, compassion. ... These are all traits that can’t be earned at any Ivy League school or by a degree,” he said, noting the brothers are trusted in the community “to care for the whole person.”

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SOURCE: http://www.kenoshanews.com

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